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Our specialism are testing and assurance services. We offer a wide range of services in testing. Please see testing engagement tab in addition to this page.

Our Approach

No matter the size and complexity of your project, we will adapt our services so they fit into your environment and address the needs of your projects and business. It our unique ability to create tailored service offerings quickly from our standard service elements that allows us to keep adding special value to our clients as their business and environment change.


  • Testing Strategies
  • Planing and Execution
  • Test Transformation

Test Management and Testing Strategy

We consult to undertake testing strategy, test planning and test management on clients' project no matter the size or complexity.Statistics reveal that on many programs and large projects, a significant portion of the budget would be devoted to testing. However management tend to give this aspect of the project the proportionate attention. ACL, helps program and project stake holders define what they want to achieve with their testing budgets. We deliver the testing benefits and maximize the return on the resources deployed.

Testing is not only about minimizing risks, testing can be used to increase how much control the stake holders have on their projects. By aligning the testing objectives with the business objectives and by increasing the effectiveness of testing both can be delivered. Our test deliverables include test plan (if appropriate), Test script, test data, Test results, and test exit report.

Testing Transformation Services

Our testing transformation services is about testing improvement. It enable clients to leverage the value they derive from their testing activities. This service is aimed at reducing the time spent testing, the cost of testing and the risks to going live. The Quality Gate element of our services has proved very effective in helping clients reduce risk associated with going live.

We identify and maintain the good practice our client already have. But this is not enough. We also identify and tackle why programs and projects fail in testing services, why test process improvement is inadequate on its own, and how our clients can overcome look warm attitude to testing.

Our test transformation framework revolves around four cardinal points:

Governance: We focus on aligning testing strategy and objective with business goals. We ensure that testing information is available in the format agreed. This to support management decisions and decision making process.

People: Our process is designed in a way that everybody involved in the process of making the software are made to interact to remove ambiguities from documentation or user stories before the ambiguities are built into the system. A common mistake we ahve seen over the years is that cleints tend to restrict testing improvement activiteis to people that are directly engaged in software testings. By extending the scope to include people engaged in other related activities, clients can achieve additional benefits.

Process: Using our proven methods, techniques and templates we can help clients improve your testing processes. The fast changing business world demands cost effective and flexible processes, rather than comprehensive, all encompassing processes. By integrating our approach to process change with improved testing techniques and the testing principles you apply in governance we can help you achieve this.

Technology: Our duty is to enure you achieve more from testing by deploying the best testing approach to your technology or SDLC. Whatever approach clients adopt, be it agile, V-model, whaterfall, for whatever product we can provide expertise and support to ensure that the testing approach adopted fits the purpose.