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At ACL we deliver complete suites of manual and automated functional testing services at any point in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We that your system will be free of any bug that will impact your production environment. At the beginning of every engagement, we agree service level agreement. And it is our aim to exceed your expectation a all times. We will make sure your applications comply with all relevant functional requirements.

Requirements Analysis

To kick of our functional testing service, our consultants work to establish productive testing environment, working closely with our clients to understand project goals, structure and deliverables. This become the benchmarks upon which we base all our other activities. All our test cases are based on these explicit requirements. Of course we come with other scenarios not in the requirement based on our experience of the application, domain or technology.

Manual and Automated Test Execution

After we have translated all requirements into test scenarios and test cases, we begin the active test execution as soon as the application is testable. We can also turn these test cases into automated regresion suite when engaged to develope automation suites.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is not aimless testing. In fact ET can achieve a lot of results if properly deployed. It can help achieve a lot of coverage for the application under test. At ACL, in addition to performing scripted testing we perform structured exploratry testing to ferret out otherwise bug that might no have been detected by scripted testing. hen there are no requirements, we have been know to execute a whole project using ET coupled with risk-based approach.

Reporting and Bug Tracking

All our test result are analyzed and a decision is taken if the results have met pre-defined expectation. All bugs are duly reported and traced to resolution. We advise on their severity to determine what priority should be given to them. Bug status is documented and tracked throughout the defect life cycle.

Regression Testing

An unavoidable part of our functional testing. Regression testing ascertain that the fixes made to the software application have not inadvertently broken the application in unintended places.

Systems Testing

ACL’s consultants possess broad testing experience and a mature analytical knowledge base. We will ensure your systems comply with the chosen defined technology, functional need and your business requirements.

Systems integration testing

We take the pain to analyze and understand all points of integration your systems have. It is our duty to make sure your systems integrates seamlessly with with them be they internal or external. Over the years we have been involved in integration projects with involving multiple systems deployments and interaction. In the process we have developed high level of skills in integration testing.


Our consultants have vast experience and knowledge of testing the following type of applications:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications

We at ACL as a matter of principle follow software industry standards and best practices to create and deliver reliable services to our client.

Organizations our consultants have worked for includes: British Petroleum, Vodafone, Telefonica (O2), Transport for London, Iress, Ipipeline, EY, Symantec Hosted Services, DEFRA, The Skills Funding Agency, Ovo Energy, South Gloucestershire Council, Serco, TnT, TalkMobile, QAA, and many more.